This stole my mind for a while when it came up on the screen in my art history sculpture class two weeks ago.  This beautiful thing is called Ganymede and the Eagle by Bertel Throvaldsen (1817-29).  Looking at sculptures like this one and  Greenough’s Prisoner to Wisdom (1836) in a dark room in a cozy building makes me happy.  Simply happy.  It takes me to a place where I could stay for a long time- my little art history world where things are made of marble and I can look at them forever.  Smooth white marble bodies of perfection, with faces that convey so much feeling.  It is a whole world of symbolism and meanings in myths that one can study forever and never fully learn it all.  My art history world is like a great dessert that I never finish.


Love Prisoner of Wisdom does that thing that takes me out of my body and into the picture.  Love Prisoner of Wisdom is this cupid figure shackled to an owl that signifies wisdom.  Pure and simple and beautiful.

I could think on these forever.  Smooth.  White.  Marble.

Marble, Marble, Marble

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