Mine and Me

Okay…. So I can dish it out but what about my art?  This won’t happen often but I suppose it is only fair that I should put my own out there for judgement (judgement that can be kept to yourselves…).  Here is a self-portrait that I did for my photography class in the fall of 2010.


And here is the painting that I did of it for my INTRODUCTION (key word!) to painting class in the fall of 2011 (taken by my cell phone camera… but that’s not an excuse…).


I personally like the color palette of the painting, maybe because I picked it.  But it actually kind of picked me as it just sort of turned out that way.  Ever notice how paintings just sort of turn out?  I can’t plan them and I never know how they will look at the end.  Sometimes I’m proud of them but more often then not I am usually just reassured in my decision not to make a career out of it.

Extremely reassured.

But don’t get me wrong, I still hang all of my art all over my room.  I’m a private narcissist.

But who isn’t?

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