My Shallow Interests in Pretty Things

Prepare yourself now for a short post in which all I basically say is ‘its pretty, its pretty, pretty colors!’

Allow me now to share some of my favorite paintings based purely on aesthetics (except maybe the Birth of Venus).  I say this because I know very little about them, but I find them so exceptionally stunning that I must post them.  I must.

First is the Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.  I first saw this in my high school Art History class and my (attractive) teacher professed his love for its twisted beauty to the class.  He was pretty passionate about it.  I have to agree with his claim of its intrigue.




The twisted forms and the strangeness of it all makes me curious as the to the thoughts that produced it.  Don’t you wonder?

(I warned you I knew little about it.)

Next, is one of the great masters, Raphael.  In particular, Madonna of the Meadows.  The vibrant colors were exciting in the time it was created because people were just discovering the wonders of oil paint.  (I have recently been discovering the wonders of oil paint myself…).


I am not interested in this scene for its religious value, though I find it interesting, but for its obvious beauty.  Flat out, I just like looking at it.  The crispness in line of this disegno painting is pleasing to my eye.

If I am being completely honest, I just can’t resist a good-old-fashioned chubby baby.

Finally, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli is one of my all-time favorite paintings.  I have an outside interest in mythology so I admit it helps, but I find the cool colors to be exquisite.  And exquisite is not a word I typically use.  Its stunning.

I dare you to disagree.


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5 thoughts on “My Shallow Interests in Pretty Things

  1. Dr. Cucciarre says:

    Even though you are a bit behind on these posts (there should be two more by now), I really, really like reading them. Your humor and titles and self-deprecation are great to read. And you write in a very fresh way about these extraordinary pieces.

    Such a good blog, Sara. Don’t rob us of all the posts that should be on here (six by now and eight by 5/2). OK?

  2. RHK says:

    Despite your disclaimer that you do not know a lot about the topic, maybe you should write about things that you DO know a lot about. Either that or research the paintings you want to write about before posting so you sound more knowledgeable which will also help your ethos.

  3. I feel like I do not have enough background knowledgde to understand what you appreciate about this artwork.

  4. Morgan says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this. While the pictures are pretty, I’m not sure that it really gives us any more knowledge than we already had.

  5. scookart says:

    Read on to learn something, my classmates. This post was purely pretty.

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