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Something’s Fishy…

I thought it may be time to give you a lil sum-sum of my own again.  Here are some photos I took of fish that I bought at the farmers market (and touched with my bare hands!) for a photography project in high school.  Actually it was my senior project, i wanted to do a series on animals, creatures, what-have-you.

Side note: when I went in to buy the fish from the market I made the mistake of telling the man that it was for an art project, and he was quite unhappy with that.  He was adamant that the fish were cleaned and cut perfectly for eating and that it would be a waste.  I felt terrible, but I don’t think they went to waste.  What do you think?  Do you think?!

Now I am pretty happy with these photos, I think the fish look beautiful, they shine and the colors are the greatest part.  The beauty of nature, huh? Yes.

Aside from these waterbabies, I also photographed a friend’s dogs, farm animals, and some zoo animals.  Maybe if you’re lucky… I’ll throw in a little extra here.

Now please, help yourself to some fish.





I compiled these photos- and a few more- together in Photoshop to create one final product.  With all of my final animal compilations I had a space in the school gallery for the Senior Project Show.

(It kind of looks like child’s play now…but it was cool at the time.)


Oh alright, I’ll throw in a pup for you.



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Mine and Me

Okay…. So I can dish it out but what about my art?  This won’t happen often but I suppose it is only fair that I should put my own out there for judgement (judgement that can be kept to yourselves…).  Here is a self-portrait that I did for my photography class in the fall of 2010.


And here is the painting that I did of it for my INTRODUCTION (key word!) to painting class in the fall of 2011 (taken by my cell phone camera… but that’s not an excuse…).


I personally like the color palette of the painting, maybe because I picked it.  But it actually kind of picked me as it just sort of turned out that way.  Ever notice how paintings just sort of turn out?  I can’t plan them and I never know how they will look at the end.  Sometimes I’m proud of them but more often then not I am usually just reassured in my decision not to make a career out of it.

Extremely reassured.

But don’t get me wrong, I still hang all of my art all over my room.  I’m a private narcissist.

But who isn’t?

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