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Let’s Keep the Minimalism to a Minimum

Call me ignorant, but most of the minimalist work I’ve seen is silly, or not even interesting enough to be silly… more just boring.  Minimalism has all of its reasons, sure, but to me it seems as if people without the technical skills required to be real artists just created a new art form for themselves.  What would Raphael and Michelangelo say about Tony Smith’s Die?

Die is a six-foot by six-foot black square.  It is meant to evoke a reaction in the viewer who is forced to confront it, as it takes up space and must be walked around.  Oh!.. and it is not a sculpture… it is an ‘object’.  Don’t get it twisted.

It is a regression.

I am all for “anything can be art” and “if you think its art than it is”, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it or find it remotely interesting or necessary at all!  Where is the skill?

To me, it has nothing on something like this….


(Van Gogh, Self portrait I)

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