Top 10 Baby!

This was going to be a ‘top 5’ list but my favorite paintings by Vladimir Kush just cannot be narrowed down to 5.  Yes, Mr. Kush is another artist I stumbled upon while surfing the web.  He is a surrealist painter originally from Russia, who now resides in Hawaii.  Kush has four galleries in the U.S. currently, and plans to expand throughout the world.

His paintings…. they’re just so…epic.  And witty!  And stunning, breathtaking, heartstopping…all of the above.  I want to be in them.  I want to float away inside of them.  I want to wrap them around me.  I want to see through their lens.  I want to live the lives of the creatures within them.  I just want to sip margaritas and watch the suns inside of them set over the waters (my perfect man will want this too…but that’s irrelevant).  There aren’t really words, so why don’t I just show you?

1.  Clockwork Apple


2.  African Sonata


3.  Our Time Together


4.  Atlas of Wander


5.  To Our Time Together


6.  Born From The Sea


7.  Metamorphosis


8.  Golden Anniversary


9.  Fish in the City


10.  Current


Pretty goddamn talented.

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One thought on “Top 10 Baby!

  1. ruthisvisual says:

    These are the kinds of works that make me smile, but I want to look at them for hours! Great find – love them.

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